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Str world from a different lens

While there are a lot of podcasts to help hosts improve their business, this one gives a diff take. Zach peels back the curtain on what it’s like as a “super guest.” For str hosts, this pod is extremely valuable as there is no more important point of view to helping us improve than that of the guest. The guests on this pod have unique backgrounds and tell some great stories, mediated by Zach’s personable style of moderating. Str hosts, give this one a listen.

Great insight into the STR industry.

Behind the Stays gives me my fix of STR investing. I’m super interested in opening up my first Airbnb and I’m able to pick up valuable bits of info from Zach and his guests.

Fascinating guests

Zach (the host) actually listens to the guests and he asks in-depth, thought provoking questions. The guests have such interesting stories and I learn something new about hosting with each podcast.

It’s like How I Built This but for short-term-rentals

This show is my new favorite podcast. Zach does a great job at unpacking the unique stories behind the creators and operators of Airbnbs. This isn’t like a lot of the “get rich quick” podcasts in the STR space…it’s focused on unpacking the who, the how, and the why behind each Airbnb. Watch out Guy Raz! Zach is coming for you!

Human interest stories have arrived in the short term rental space!

Love Behind the Stays! There are dozens of podcasts out there that talk about the business behind owning, running, and managing short-term rental…Behind the Stays takes a different approach. Zach dives deep into the story behind the building of the home AND the story behind who built it…it’s like Humans of New York but for stories behind remarkable Airbnbs.

An informative show with a wonderful host!

My husband Garrett and I (from “How they launched an Airbnb Glamping Resort for under $700 episode) had a great time chatting with Zach sharing our story. We found him a very easy to talk to person, which basically felt like friends catching up. We wish him and his partner great luck with their adventures, creations and online endeavors! Thanks for having us on your show!


Thank you Zach for restoring my wanderlust after listening to your podcasts! What a brilliant idea to hear the stories that make up the soul of a home/Airbnb and the people who have created it. It certainly makes for a more intimate visit when you know the history. I look forward to visiting many of these Airbnb’s !

Love the behind the scenes look

Zach is an engaging host who gets the stories behind that special experience travelers hope for when they book an airbnb. Looking forward to each episode!